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Let Paul's Experts Remove The Waste The Builders Left Behind

The builders are gone, the renovation is done, and your house would look amazing if it wasn’t for all the construction waste left behind. Sounds familiar? If so, get in touch with Paul’s Rubbish Removal Melbourne and schedule a builders waste removal service.

You’ll be rid of all type of unsightly and harmful builders materials, like:

  • Builders waste removalBricks, concrete and wood
  • Metal, rebar and electrical wiring
  • Insulation
  • Terracotta and rubble

All that will be swiftly cleared away from your property, loaded to the trucks and responsibly disposed of at an allocated location.

Why You Need the Pros to Handle Your Construction Waste Removal

Unlike common household junk, you can’t just dump the builders waste straight into the bin. First of, it’s just too large, and second, it may contain hazardous materials. Because of that, there are certain state regulations at play here. This is where the builders waste removal service comes in. It is designed to suit both your individual needs, as well as the waste management regulations in question. Besides, the teams of rubbish removalists are also trained and insured, so you’re fully covered. By booking Paul’s Rubbish Removal Melbourne, you will also get:

  • A free price quote ahead of the service
  • A choice of a contact method – phone, chat, online form
  • A number of deals and special discounts

The Better Option of Getting Rid of Construction Waste

Often times contractors don’t offer builders clearance and removal, so you’re stuck with a pile of rubbish cluttering your home. The trouble-free way of dealing with the waste as soon as possible is booking Paul’s construction waste removal service. Take advantage of all benefits of the hands-on rubbish removal because:

  • All waste will be removed at once, instead of staying for days or weeks on your property
  • There are no additional fees from the council, they apply only for placing a skip/bin in front of your house
  • Unlike the skip/bin hire where other people can fill the container with their junk, this service is exclusive to you

Enjoy the result of your renovation project without all the mess around. You’re guaranteed the construction site will be professionally cleaned and all the waste appropriately disposed of. And if you find yourself in need of quality furniture or garden waste removal, think of Paul’s! For more information on all deals and discounts available, get hold of the customer support team right away.

Q: Is there builders waste that you cannot take away?
A: We can take care of everything except for asbestos, paints, chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Q: Do I have to load the waste?
A: No, loading and unloading are included in the price of the service.

Q: How to measure the volume of the rubbish I have?
A: Simply multiply the length x the width x height of the pile (or item), and you’ll get the approximate volume, or you can send us photos.