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Get your rubbish recycled and prevent pollution

Recycling is the most effective way to make junk disappear. It is, in fact, the most responsible method, environmentally and economically beneficial at the same time, good for both nature and humans.

With so many different types of rubbish, it has become a necessity to have rules, regulations, and special disposal places. But no matter if you are going to rely on a professional waste removalist or yourself (when disposing of and recycling the rubbish your household is producing), there are plenty of options and drop off points on Melbourne territory that should be used.

Today recycling is made easy and everyone can participate and help in the fight to make our city cleaner. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Below you can see maps with drop-off locations in Melbourne for different types of waste.

Recycling drop-off locations around Melbourne


The inappropriate disposal of your waste could cause serious problems for the environment. Those include soil, air, and water pollution.

So if you want to check the water quality before you go to the beach in the summer, thanks to the state government and local authorities, you can find a forеcast here:

Governmentaly-issued map of the quality of water on Melbourne beaches