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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do you calculate the price of your service?

A: The price depends on the volume and type of waste you want to be removed. Tip fee, loading, unloading, and fuel expenses are all included in the price our sales consultants will give you. Note that we charge extra for disposing of some special sorts of items, such as mattresses. To get the full list of such specific items, please contact us.

Q2: What if the price I need to pay on location is not the same as the quote I was given?

A: On the day of the appointment our technicians will evaluate the rubbish once again┬ábecause we’ll not be able to quote you correctly over the phone alone. They will also present you with a final price offer. If you agree with it, the rubbish removalists will commence with the job and take the rubbish straight away.

Q3: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: We currently take debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfers.

Q4: Do you need me to be home for the appointment?

A: As long as we have access to the waste that needs to be removed and you have agreed with the price quote we’ve given you over the phone, there is no need for you to be home for the appointment.

Q5: Do you recycle?

A: We check the rubbish we collect for recyclable materials and recycle everything we can. What’s left is disposed of in a proper for the type of waste drop-off site.

Q6: How can I get a quote?

A: You can call us on 03 8566 7594, chat with one of our representatives right here, using the site’s chat feature or simply book online.

Q7: What information do you need to provide me with a quote?

A: Location of the pick-up and approximate volume of the waste that you need to be removed (or pictures of it).