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Materials and Substances not Suitable for Common Rubbish Removal Service

There are several types of rubbish that are placed under special regulations by the authorities. That is because they require special treatment and a place of disposal. For our rubbish removal services to be cost­-effective and environmentally friendly, we do not accept the following types of rubbish:

Wet rubbish“Wet” Rubbish -­ For the household junk (including rotten/food waste) there is a developed city waste management system. These waste products will be removed from your bins by the local waste collection service.

Asbestos materials -­ Asbestos fibers pose serious health risks. If you have materials in your home that contain asbestos and are not damaged, what you should do is to leave them alone. Because of the risks during removal, transport, and disposal, asbestos waste must be handled by professionals with a special license.

Hazardous and Liquid waste – This type includes poisonous, chemical, or biological waste, like acids, waste oil, and paint. It would also require certain licenses to be managed as well as equipment, facilities, and expertise.

Hazardous wasteMaterials as metal, paper, plastic, and glass (not broken) are recyclable. They should be placed in the recycle bins for environmentally responsible waste management.

If you can’t fit the type of junk you have in any of these categories, give us a call.

Our agents will provide you more information about our services and find a solution (the most appropriate one) to your rubbish problem.